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Honey Bee

Swarm Season 2020

IS Just around the corner!


Tennessee's Honey Bees - Honey Bee Rescue Services


Honey Bee Removal Services Offered


Honey Bees in my walls, What can I do??

Honey bee removal services, did you even know they exist?

Types of Honey Bee Removal Services

 Swarm Capture

Cutout Services

Honey Bee Removal with a Cut Out

Why do I need to remove the Honeycomb


Have Honey Bees on your property and you don't know what to do?  
You've come to the right place!  Read further below to identify whether you have a swarm or an established colony.

For Honeybee Removal:
Give us a call (423) 519-7799 or
Email us Swarms@TennesseesHoneyBees.com


Reporting a swarm:

Please answer the following questions when contacting us for a Swarm Recovery

1. What COUNTY is the SWARM located in?

2. Have you done anything to the swarm?

3. Are these really honey bees? Picture ==>  Honey Bee Identification

4. Can you send me a picture(s)?

5. What are the bees located in?

6. How long have the bees been there?

7. How high off the ground are they (will a ladder be needed?

8. How big is the swarm (football size, etc.)?

9. If it is needed, is it alright if we snip a branch off of the tree or bush holding the swarm?

10. Name, address and phone number of the homeowner (including work or someone that will be on-site).

11. Directions of how to find the location of the swarm, including where on the property.



How you can tell which of the removal services you need? Here's how...

You have avery high probability that it is a swarm of Honey Bees and most likely need us to come Capture them if:

    A) You heard a loud buzzing and noticed a large cloud of bees flying overhead.
    B) They eventually landed on something (ie: a branch) and are now in a hanging cluster of Honey Bees.
    C) You can now see bees leaving and returning from the hanging cluster of bees and they are just generally zooming all around the area now.

You have an established colony and most likely need us to perform a Cutout if:

    A) You've noticed that bees are flying into and out of a small hole or other opening and entering/leaving a cavity in the wall, eves, etc of your house or other structure (the colony could even be inside anything from a 55-gallon drum to an old ShopVac left sitting outside, or a hollow tree).
    B) Or... You've spotted a free-hanging hive (not in an enclosed cavity) complete with honeycomb and Honey Bees crawling all over the white honeycomb.



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Caged & Mated
Queen Bee

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